Nineteen Years Later

By Robert Deluty


At the supermarket,

The retired college counselor

Runs into a former student

Named Bethany who came to see him

Only once — when she threatened suicide

Believing she had failed her Econ I final.

Bethany thanks him profusely, noting

That his kindness, wisdom, and perspective

Might well have saved her life that day.

After accepting her gratitude and

Exchanging pleasantries, the counselor inquires

About the grade she received on the exam.

I was afraid you’d ask, she replies. I got an A.


Robert Deluty and granddaughter

Robert Deluty and granddaughter

2 thoughts on “Nineteen Years Later

  1. Dr Deluty is a thinker,true artist and distinguished poet.His pems is beautifully reflecting what we think,see and experience in our ordinary lives


  2. What a wonderful poem!
    It reminds us of how important counselors are in changing the lives of their clients and students.
    Congratulations, Dr. Deluty!
    You are an inspiration to us all.


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