Notes on Campuses

Morgan and UMBC

Morgan State University and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County will receive millions of dollars from NIH to develop ways to attract and retain more minorities in the biomedical sciences. The two universities are among 12 nationally that will receive the NIH funding over the next five years. (Baltimore Sun)


Two very good futbol* (*soccer) teams clashed in late November, and the underdog Baltimore County contingent upset the favored College Park players. Earlier in the season, the two teams played to a 0-0 draw. This is quite a good rivalry!

A New Salisbury Stadium

Salisbury University’s 2014 Homecoming and Family Weekend had special significance for SU athletics and its fans:  On 18 October 2014, the University unveiled the designs for its new $19 million stadium, as well as a planned $10 million renovation of its athletic fields and other facilities. The new stadium, Sea Gull Stadium, will be a considerable upgrade over the 1980 one-story cinderblock structure. “The stadium will be over 30,000 square feet,” said Matthew Groves, project manager. “The existing team building could fit into its lobby.”

This is another example of what appears to be a necessary competition among campuses for non-academic resources such as a climbing wall, fancy apartments, and new sports stadia. It’s a national phenomenon, so one cannot expect one campus below, say, Harvard and Williams, to resist. Students must be attracted, and sports is an attraction.

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