The Art of Corinne Beardsley

The Artist

The Artist (2) copy

The Artist

Corinne Beardsley was born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Her love of the physical relationship with the material and the drama of something emerging in space is why she sculpts. She pursued her studies at Hartford Art School in Hartford, CT and University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; building large scale installations of ceramic figures. After receiving her MFA in sculpture from the New York Academy of Art in 2011, she went to China on an Artist Residency with the Central Academy of Fine Art in Bejing and Shanghai University.  Corinne’s current work involves building sculptures, masks, costumes, and collaborative cardboard caves.  She currently is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore and Salisbury University in Ceramics, Drawing and Sculpture.

Artist’s Statement

With clay I explore liberation and play through a sculptural process. I manipulate clay spontaneously- slice, slump, slap, stab, smooth, rip, slather, dig, throw, roll, loop, dangle, and smear. I organize and collage the fleshy twists of slumped clay, composing these gestural preservations into facial expressions. They exist as an illusion of being a raw, undulating mound of clay and a smirking mask simultaneously. I am intrigued by how we on a primal level respond so strongly to two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. I enjoy considering how each viewer will discover faces as they are absorbed in the texture, grit of clay, and depth of the ceramic surface.

In earlier works I had been sculpting the figure representationally- aiming to express ideas of liberation and release through the female figurative form. I wanted to create a subversive alternative to the objectified representation of the female body that pervades our culture. I find liberation and freedom from those ideals through improvisational dance. I began observing the creative transformation that occurred when dancing, and liberating my body. I watched and recorded friends and fellow dancers to find those moments of unselfconsciousness, inward connection, and release. I then made realistic figurative sculptures that captured the movement and creative transformation in dancing.

In the dancing figures I was trying to express inner freedom and spontaneity in a tedious and tight process. I was loosing the liberation. In the process of creating these abstract ceramic faces I feel closer to finding the playfulness, unselfconsciousness and liberation I strive to express.










beardsley_10self-S copy



beardsley_11nhnt-S copy

Neither Here nor There


beardsley_9pinkie-S3 copy



See many more works here:

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