William E. “Brit” Kirwan

DSC_7468 Kirwan now small

In a few days, Brit Kirwan will retire from his position as System Chancellor. The position has been the highest achievement of his long career with higher education in Maryland. He began as an Assistant Professor in UMCP’s Department of Mathematics in 1964, and with a short out-of-state interruption he has moved steadily upward as a Maryland academic and then academic leader. We are proud to publish comments about Brit in this issue, and not just because he was instrumental in launching The Faculty Voice way back when. Brit is a warm and supportive leader who has good ideas and knows how to implement them working with faculty members (a tough lot) and others. The accomplishments of higher education in Maryland can in large part be traced to his leadership. Thanks, Brit. Below are several observations by people who know Brit well. -Bill Hanna

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