Senryū by Robert Deluty, UMBC/Psychology

a sophomore
wondering what part of
speech is Zup

her right-wing Dad
regarding Vassar and Smith
as expensive cults

via e-mail
a student asking Which genes
make you look fat?

post-commencement . . .
retiring Brown professor
shredding his necktie

linguists debating
the worst surname for a nurse:
Paine, Schott or Hertz

linguists debating
the best surname for a judge:
Stern, Wise or Grace

frat hazing . . .
forcing the Ole Miss freshman
to read Beowulf

English teacher
referring to the past tense
as back talk

doctoral defense . . .
striving to remain focused
despite shingles

a college senior
explaining her absences:
Parking’s tough

young professor
reading the student’s eval:
Too kind to morons

old professor
reading the student’s eval:
Needs to whiten teeth

college dean
defining tenure as
fire safety

the biologist
screaming at his young son
Evolve already!

in rainy Stockholm,
three Nobel winners sharing
one small umbrella

Capital of Chad? . . .
the scholar, drawing a blank,
fearing Alzheimer’s

ESL student
assuming see-sucker
is pornographic

the professor
hoping that, in heaven,
he’ll be called Doctor

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