Voices: Senryū

By Robert Deluty, Associate Dean Emeritus, Graduate School (UMBC)

missing the midterm,
asserting I got real drunk
and misplaced my car

bio prof Gwen Poole
resisting the urge to name
her daughter, Jean

the linguist
defining are as
modern art

the freshman holding
a map of Idaho, stunned
to find Moscow

Harvard grad’s Dad
bemoaning her becoming
an activist

MIT grad’s Mom
bemoaning his becoming
a shepherd

the elderly prof
learning his first grad student
has dementia

the chemist noting
Jane Austen and Lambeau Field
have hearts of gold

a grad student
proofreading his thesis
driving at midnight

post-exam . . .
sending his prof the e-mail,
Did I fale?

Election Day . . .
college students snapping
voting booth selfies

Danish professor
calling the Viking symbols
Norse code

the miller’s son
opting to apply to Rice,
Cornell, Wheaton

the statistician
loving that math is part
of Uma Thurman

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